From around the world . . . . . .


definitely not in chronological order


Al Marsh 2017 Germany

Al TokyoBlade2017 Germany (2)

John Wiggins

Blade at Boscombe Down

Tokyo Blade Wacken


AL 3

1st European tour

Blade MKI Early days

Tokyo Blade sticker

Blade '86

Andy & AL

Mr. P on his 1st brand new kit

White Diamond very early pre-TB

AL 1

Ghenghis Khan

Tokyo Blade MKI line-up

the blade gymnastics team refine their latest move

More Night of the Blade cake Vicar?

Lager through a straw?


Sheffield HRH_NWOBHM 2

The final straw(s)

Andy B & Vic

Blade europe 85 Andy & Vic

Andy heavy sound

AL 2

Chas (AKA gasious) tour bus '86

Andy B Europe '85

Blue Oyster Cult tour

Andy B europe 85

Breaking Sound festival Paris!

BS view from the stage

A young AB

I must cut down a bit?

Andy W

blade europe 85 Andy & john

Who's stockings_

Andy spanks the plank

The Dynamic Duo

Blade Europe 85

This beer is off? BS fest

US tour

JW tears it up

Twin guitars in Europe

Mr. P @ Poperinge

Tearing up the USA

Lord Flasheart

Blackhearts recording

Blade in Budapest

Andy B Spain

John, Nick & Steve pubbing!

Tokyo Blade Rehearsals

Nick & AB

Mr. P at CT's studio

TB @ Wacken

Tokyo Blade Rehearsal

Andy B in Germany


TB at Wacken

Andy B



Mr P. Chillin' backstage @ Wacken

Andy B

Andy's x 2 with Metal Mike

Chris Gillen and Andy Sao Paulo


Stage Heaven

Mr. Gillen on stage

Billy Boulton auditions for Skynyrd

AB Gangsta New Hampshire

Keeping the band tight

Jazz Mmmmm nice!

Chris & Andy B

Mr. Wiggins who else?

London Boyz

Billy the Kid


Andy & John Bogota

JW live on stage

Andy B

John and Chris

South American tour

Hotel boredom Equador 2016

The chap hard at his art

Andy W relaxing in the Hotel

Johnny Rockets!

Steve & Al sign for the fans

pensive hotel room pic

Al and Steve KIT fest

KIT fest

Andy and Al Keep it True

KIT fest

Keep it True fest_

Keep it True

Andy & Steve KIT fest

KIT festival

Mr. P KIT fest

2 guitarists talk shop (bollox)

Who me? KIT fest

We couldn't do it without you guys!

O2 Sheffield HM fans are the best

Bang your head 1

Alan Marsh belts it out.

How rude!

Hotel boredom again

Bored, bored, bored

Hard rock Hell

Billy does Gilmour!


Purple haze

Maybe it's because we are Londoners

H R H Sheffield

AB live

Happy drummer

Alan Marsh

Andy & Al_

JW who else

Still on the mountain

Tokyo Blade

Fans@Rotterdam Baroeg fest

Holland Baroeg

JW on stage

5 go mad up a mountain in Italy

AB and our dear friend Frank

Boom, bang, crash

Misty mountain hop

Thumbs up for the fans

AW somewhere up a mountain in Italy

AB Italy

Worlds greatest fans

5 go mad somewhere

Billy hard at it!

Andy w & john

Andy B-Der Detze Rockt

Andy w

Onstage with the mighty Taurus

Rotterdam Baroeg

Rotterdam Baroeg

JW & AW @ Baroeg festival

Baroeg Rotterdam

Baroeg in Rotterdam

Holland Baroeg fest

Andy W

Tokyo Blade-Der Detze Rockt

Mr. P catching some ZZZ's

At the wheel in the channel tunnel

Get in!

Guitar & Drums

Baroeg Rotterdam

All Blade fans are lovely!

Told you

Obviously a true fan . . . .lovely!

Tokyo Blade-Der Detze Rockt

Tokyo Blade-Der Detze Rockt

Mr.P-Der Detze Rockt

AM & AB of course

Studio (cabin fever)

Essential studio equipment!

Andy doesn't condone alcohol abuse

Grub up!

France the recording of "Unbroken"

London Boys

Flying high again


Tokyo Blade-Der Detze Rockt- knocking 'em dead

Tokyo Blade- Der Detze Rockt

Al & Andy-Der Detze Rockt

Andy B-Der Detze Rockt

Tokyo Blade- Der Detze Rockt

Tokyo Blade-Der Detze Rockt- Maily Fernandez Photography (19)

Mr. P at rest

Tokyo Blade-Der Detze Rockt

Backstage drinking . . .Again!

Tokyo Blade- Der Detze Rockt

John and Andy W_

Mr. B-Der Detze Rockt

Just waiting to take the stage

Flasheart of course

Athens Into Battle Fest 2017 1

At home Behind the kit

Hotel Chillin' Portugal

Baroeg Rotterdam